How NOT to get invited to Bloggers’ Events.

Going through recent bloggers’ events have made me realise there is a certain “protocol” that invited bloggers adhere to:

– Blogging frequently, or even excessively, with interesting content.

– Interesting content MUST include at least three of the following:

  • self-taken photos (aka camwhore pics)
  • pictures of food
  • basically just have lots of photos lah!
  • interesting ideas or concepts regarding the society we live in
  • gossip
  • reviews for hair extensions, make-up, tech gadgets, etc
  • sharing of “useful” information (Visit Cowboy Caleb for illustration purposes)
  • paid ads from Nuffnang, Advertlets or Blog2U (seems to be one of the most important factors)

So basically if you don’t follow the above “protocol”, you probably won’t get invited to any blogger events. (Self inviting does not count as being invited.) I read at least half a dozen of very interesting bloggers β€” with humorous personal anecdotes written in good English β€” but none (that I know of) get invited to Bloggers’ Events.

Now, let’s make a guess whether I have been invited to any bloggers’ events before… πŸ˜†


15 thoughts on “How NOT to get invited to Bloggers’ Events.

  1. It really depends on the type of events you’re referring to. And this “paid ads from Nuffnang, Advertlets or Blog2U (seems to be one of the most important factors)” is surely not the most important. πŸ™‚

    I totally agree that there are many better blogs and well written blogs out there. And its all about discovery. It takes time for companies/agencies to discover new bloggers to reach out to. And many of them are doing it. πŸ™‚

    Question is: Does all bloggers want to get invited? OR are there more who would rather remain unknown IRL and choose not to get such invitations?

    shell says: That’s why I said it “seems to be one of the most important factors” because many bloggers’ events are hosted by these blogads companies in the first place.

    But yes, I do agree that some of the good bloggers may want to maintain anonymity, thus I also mentioned that “none that I know of” get invited. Cos maybe they did get invited, just that they turned it down. πŸ™‚

    What I basically did was to compare/contrast the similarities in commonly invited bloggers to arrive at my “protocol”. :p

    Honest comment though, much better than I can say for some nonsense fella. πŸ˜†

  2. I concur on most parts with @claudia. However, i don’t do beauty blog, so i would not have qualified for certain blogger events which involves hair extensions and nail stuff(haha i dunno what you call that, maybe Nadnut does!)

    Actually, if you really want to get invited, just be cool and honest with yourself and your blog posts. As companies expand their research beyond the existing batch of bloggers they already know, they will want to invite you and see how they can interest you and your 11 kittens.


    shell says: Actually, I don’t really want to get invited, doing PR in a sea of bloggers is not my idea of fun. I just saw similarities amongst commonly invited bloggers, thus the post and the realisation of why certain other bloggers don’t get invited.

    My blog is about what I feel/think/see over various aspects of life, so sometimes it gets personal (think somewhat like a diary) – and quite boring/whiny – for readers. πŸ˜†

  3. Don’t worry, i’m sure you have more than 11 kittens, and sooner or later one of those will be a big cat that will invite you to a blogging event πŸ™‚

    shell says: Hahaha. Thanks for the encouragement. I hope the “big cat” won’t be a white tiger that would maul me to death. Bucket also cannot save my life! πŸ˜†

  4. Just have to accept it.
    It’s not about intellectual or interesting content.
    It’s about viewership.

    If the blog publishes nonsense or just lotsa pictures and get the necessary viewership, that will suffice.

    But I would give credit to those bloggers who get invited as they definitely have been successful in marketing themselves to their viewers to warrant increase readership and loyal visitors.

  5. Half of these invited bloggers have really boring blog content tt is a major turn-off to me. =)

    But i like your blog, and your honest entries. Its all about perception baybeh.

  6. I is not kitteh. I is lolcat!

    can has blogger event invite??

    lol. Seriously, I don’t see myself as a true blogger anymore. I always thought of a blogger as someone who regularly writes and publishes online – it doesn’t matter whether it’s a detailed product review or a really well-written, hilarious personal experience.

    But now there seems to be all these rules about what makes you a blogger – photos, ads, everything you mentioned above. And I dunno, sometimes having to adhere to all this takes the fun out of writing for me.

    shell says: Yes, things have changed, haven’t they? Many bloggers are going the route of XX with photos, reviews, funny anecdotes, whatnots. I guess if you want to please the mass audience, you have to go that way. Otherwise, I think we’re perfectly fine doing what we’ve been doing for years! :mrgreen:

  7. Hi Shelly, how are you?

    You wrote a good article and gives a very true situation what is happening now in the blogsphere.

    As blogging hits into a more mature stage, both advertisers and bloggers grow and learn what ‘clicks’ for both parties.

    One trend that I observe is bloggers are writing in to be invited for certain events if opportunities raise (mostly they just like to use these opportunities to network also). πŸ™‚

  8. Thanks for your interesting view.
    I sunderstand what you mean.
    I think it’s all about economics: People respond to incentive
    the organizers will invite whoever who can benefit them the most.

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