Charbor Cravings.

It must be almost that time of the month again, because my sweet tooth is constantly begging for various forms of chocolate, chocolate and chocolate.

Chocolate chip cookies is at the top of the list right now, best to be washed down with a glass of cold milk (chocolate milk for double the powerrrrr). Then (in no particular order) comes:

  • choc ice-cream (nothing beats Ben & Jerry’s)
  • donuts with chocolate cream filling (Dunkin Donuts just across the Causeway!)
  • hot fudge sundae
  • strawberries, bananas and marshmallows dipped in chocolate — fondue style

Right now, I also won’t mind some actual food of Ah Lam’s Abalone Noodles, but all I have to munch on is a chocolate cereal bar and a glass of chocolate milk. Not power enough! 😦


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