2008 X’mas Wishlist

Kinda overdue cos I had been (and still am) suffering some sort of shopping deficiency — Having nothing much that I want. Oh the irony. 😕

Anyways, by popular demand, I have racked my brains searching through the BILLIONS of things that I have ever wanted within this year (and maybe last year) and finally came up with a X’mas wishlist! In somewhat of a ranking order, here goes:

Mystery Case Files: Millionheir (for Nintendo DS) Reserved!!

Hunter Original Wellingtons, in color Silver (Size 8). YIPPEE!!!

Can be purchased online from:

I had wanted this since July 2007, and by the time Hubs actually wanted to bring me down to Pedder Red, they had already sold out. 😦 This year I really really want to get it before the autumn/winter season passes again and I have to wait another year to get it. 😦 But somehow… I think this year the price went slightly.

– A new phone.

But I haven’t figured out which one yet cos apparently the Samsung OMNIA is not Mac-compatible. Any recommendations for a non-Nokia that has a great camera function?

– A short holiday. 😦

For my hair to grow fast fast. Ok, this is not something that can be given as a present. :mrgreen:

– California Fitness membership

– Full lymphatic body massage

– Touching up of wrist tatt

Magic T-shirt from Goblin Market (Can’t find the item in their webshop, and can’t find the price. Dammit!)


And I think that’s about it. Very short wishlist for this year. Until I think of anything else, that is.

*goes to flip magazines for inspiration*


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