The Vicious Cycle of Non-Affection

In many relationships, there are often various types of vicious cycles. One is the sort where one partner yells, and the other one yells back and thus resulting in a screaming match to see who is louder. Sad to say, being louder doesn’t ever mean you have the correct opinion.

In my relationship with the “robot-man” Hubs, it takes a lot to coax any form of emotion from him. Thus it isn’t hard to deduce that with the lack of emotion, comes the lack of natural affection. Simple things like hugs and kisses never comes naturally to him. He has to, instead, make a conscious effort to REMEMBER to not neglect my sorry self sitting in a corner.

When germs attack the family and things get thrown out of whack, the first thing to always go is the gentle affection that a sick person should need ever so much. It’s kinda sad if you think about it. When you’re down and all you want is a bit of TLC, and the robot fella you are married to somehow is just not programmed to react that way.

In his shoes, however, he will be mighty glad to be left alone to rest (in whatever he deems as “rest”) and will not give two hoots about not getting TLC of any form. Hermit behaviour, I must say. (But I believe a large majority of men behave the same way during sickness.)

So after the germies have made their attacks three weeks ago, I am now faced with the desolate picture of an affection-less atmosphere between me and the Hubs. Not the nicest place to be in considering my current condition.

With the lack of affection for the past weeks comes less yearning for affection (you don’t miss what you don’t get, right?), which in turn creates an unwillingness to make contact – the Vicious Cycle.

In any case, even if I was to cast aside my dignity (if I should have any left) and make the first move, I will most definitely be heartless ignored because the Hubs has somehow contracted a highly contagious eye infection. The doctor has given him 2 days’ MC (to prevent him from spreading it to colleagues) and warned him not to touch the wife and children. Eeks!

So thus, we continue our hermit-ing from the cause and effect, while there continues to be a serious need for some lurve in this house.

*hugs head and cries emo-ly in a corner*


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