Why Ugly Betty?

Can someone PLEASE tell me WHAT the appeal of Ugly Betty is???

The series lost me within the first season and have never managed to capture my attention again.

Yeah, I get the “ugly girl gets high fashion job” thing. Yeah, I also get the comedy provided by the bumbling female lead. Yeah, and the drama that unfolds with the scheming Wilhelmina, and the touchy transgender character. But seriously, WHAT IS THE APPEAL?

It feels to me like a story that’s all over the place, either with bad a bad script or directing. The ugly duckling turns swan story has been done to death in so many varying degrees that it no longer works to captivate audiences.

But honestly, one man’s meat is another man’s poison, so as long as you don’t go all Ugly Betty with me, I don’t really give a shit. (Otherwise I may just start on Heroes with you and give you all the season three spoilers while I’m at it.)

One more episode to the final chapter of Heroes season three!! w00t!


3 thoughts on “Why Ugly Betty?

  1. Not really a “ugly duckling turns swan” story, cause she remain ungly the entire series. I think the bimbotic banter and the over the top acting from some of the actors makes it pretty entertaining to watch =D

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