Sometimes I forget…

That over here in this world, the sanctity of promises isn’t fiercely guarded by human conscience nor the want of a trustworthy reputation nor even… love. Most promises are usually made out of personal convenience to avoid further inconvenience from the “promisee”.

“Yes my dear, we will go to Paris for Christmas.” (Insert undetected eye-rolling and sigh of relief once “promisee” is safely out of sight.)

It often makes me wonder if this is the reason why more and more marriages fail. When the anger and frustration boil over to the point of no return, how much longer can you possibly live in “holy matrimony” with the person who relentlessly makes and breaks promises? Is honesty that hard to uphold?

I believe the years of being the recipient of countless broken promises have made me somewhat nonchalant, if not jaded and disbelieving. Now when I hear the words “I promise”, I immediately feel strong urge to rebuke the person with a truckload of sarcasm. Particularly if there has been prominent history of broken deals. On a bad day, there comes an urge to slap the potential liar.

Let’s just say I’ve had enough of broken promises.

I wish I could kill the naive little soul within me who keeps accepting happiness in the form of uncashed promises, only to be thoroughly shattered down the road when the promise remains as nothing more than empty words.

Sometimes I really feel I am fucking stupid.


One thought on “Sometimes I forget…

  1. today, i learnt that marriage is about forgiving. life is about forgiving. it’s about forgiving everyday, and sometimes even forgiving many times in a day.

    it’s never about how perfect life can or “should” be. coz when man seeks perfection, man is bound to fail. and since man almost always fails…so forgiveness almost always has to come into play…^.^

    shell says: If a promise such as “I will never hit my wife” is broken, do you think it is still “perfection” that man is seeking? Or just the protection of their own safety?

    What exactly is perfection? The definition is HIGHLY subjective.

    All I know is: Lying is never a good thing. Regardless of context, importance, or intention. A broken promise is a lie.

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