The Force.

Apparently when you ignore all intution and well-meaning advice, and push back what you should have done a loooooooooong time ago, what happens is that some mystical almighty power will force you do what you were supposed to do.

If hints don’t work, you can expect to be thrown against a brick wall just so you can wake up your bloody idea.

I shall aptly name this phenomenon as “The Force”. Because it simply forces you to take action when you are too chicken to do it.

On a sidenote, I am extremely touched by an ex-classmate from MDIS when he told me: “I always knew you were meant for greater things” when I told him about my predicament. It is sibei extra touching coming from someone as bo chup as him.

When I asked him if he meant it or if it’s just a courtesy condolence thingy, he told me he never was the sort to give a shit about other people’s shit. Totally true from what I know about him. šŸ˜†

I need to have more confidence in my abilities. I must be self-blind when other people can believe in me more than I can myself.


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