“My bum is not ready!”

After seeing Joshua scratching his lower back – probably due to abrasion from his disposable diaper – I decided it would be a good idea to let him don his soft Bumwear training pants for the rest of the day.

Oddly, he shook his head violently when I asked him: “Do you want to wear Bumwear?”

I thought he had misheard me, so I asked again. He shook his head again. Damn odd, since he was the bugger who had wanted to buy more Bumwear after we purchased one piece for him to try.

So limbu bo chup lan and decided I shall go against his wishes and put on the Bumwear for him anyway. Before he scratches his own back until it turns all ugly and scabby.


Two hours later, I was greeted by the “aroma” of freshly squeezed poop. Inside the Bumwear. (God, I hate washing poop out of Bumwear. Even more so now.)

When I asked him why did he go poop in his Bumwear, he rolled his eyes at me as if saying: “I told you don’t want wear Bumwear liao lor! I had a poopy feeling what!” Ok… 😕

Lesson of the day: Never disobey child’s wishes because they know how their asshole is feeling. And parental disobedience means baby gets angry because now their favourite super-soft Bumwear is poop-soiled.

(On hindsight, it is really damn bad of me to ask him if he wanted Bumwear, and when he said no, I still put it on for him. Reminds me of my own mother. Ask for my opinion, but never takes it to heart. Then ask for fuck?!)

So next time baby say mai wear Bumwear, Mommy mai stubborn. Don’t listen, and now is literally KNS liao lor. :mrgreen:


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