See, the reason why I don’t whine and whimper in my blog anymore, is because… Actually I also don’t know why. 😆

I just find that there seems to be no need for me to whine about anything much. Not anything that I cannot just exclaim to a friend (ie: sleep deprivation) and let that be that. There no longer seems to be a need to “broadcast” my various complaints and gripes.

I guess I do have some musings on and off about people, the world, and the likes, but the compelling urge to pen blog it down no longer seems pertinent. What I feel a great urge to note down instead are the kind deeds and beautiful thoughts I receive.

Which, very simply, means that the number of blogposts are greatly (?) reduced.

Similarly nothing super fun is happening around here either. Like I said: Not bad, not fab, just drab. :mrgreen: So thus, another reason for reduced posts.

I try to be funny (as in “humorous”, not “odd”) in posts when I have them, but honestly I can’t be bothered to give too much of a shit these days. I have bigger things brewing now!

I’m in a (generally) happy place now, and this happy place oddly no longer tolerates whiny posts from people nor self. *unsubs from whiny blogs’ RSS*

Have a Happy Holiday, people! May Love, Health and Wealth find its way to you. 🙂


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