Festive Price Hike!

Why must Christmas and New Year dinners be so bloody fucking exorbitant?!?! A dinner for two is going to cost even more than what we spent at Halia on our third wedding anniversary!!

Is there no way to go for a nice romantic festive meal that won’t break the fucking bank??

Does this mean that I won’t be getting my yummy Christmas spread of ham, roast beef, turkey, etc? 😦

Fuck you capitalist businesses! (Ok, this statement is a bit redundant redundancy, but hormonally imbalanced people should be allowed to rant unintelligibly at outrageous price hikes.)

Yes, I am HIGHLY upset about not having a nice commercialised X’mas dinner for the… *counts fingers* … 5th year in a row. Someone promised… but apparently promises aren’t really fail-safe. 😦

Apparently I need yummy food in my happy place and there ain’t any yummy food here right now.

I am dreading tonight’s dinner.


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