nom nom

Thanks to some people’s blogposts with pictures of FOOD, I am now nursing a mudderfarking enormous craving for various foods:

  • Cup corn with tons (and I mean TONS) of melted butter
  • Beef (in any edible form)
  • anchovies laid out generously on a pizza (Spizza me!)
  • smoked salmon (salad, pizza, 鱼生, pasta, etc. Seriously, do you think I care?)
  • economical fried bee hoon topped with fish cake (mental yuck!) and drowned in chicken curry (without the chicken)
  • lobster bisqué (preferably from Jack’s Place, but seriously, I ain’t picky)
  • potatoes in EVERY SINGLE FOOKIN EDIBLE FORM (bestest if spiced)

I was supposed to be doing work, but really, I cannot find my brain. Must have flushed it down the loo! I just… cannot… seem… to… conjure… up… anything…

KUDOS once again to the 178473921 other women who always manage to keep their heads intact regardless of situation. After having Joshua, I know my brain is the sort who would take any chance to run off and elope with rationality.

(Ok. This stupidity is really starting to get on my nerves. Totally not productive, fucking clumsy ass, and very irritating!!)


It has been a rough few weeks… 😦


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