This is probably more of your “Oh Hai, I am still alive” kinda post. Totally obligatory.

Pardon me while my festive soul is out wandering the streets of some foreign land. Since the body (and wallet) is weak, the spirit shall suffice.

I have basically been dreaming about food, sex, food, sex, and food and sex. And it doesn’t promote the best type of rest.

I still owe people pictures to be uploaded to the Secret Santa Facebook group. 😕 But honestly, all I want to do is sit around and watch crappy holiday TV. I’m not in a great shape right now. (Yeah yeah, round is a shape.)

No really. I really don’t want to do anything at all. I don’t care how many of you are working your butts off right now, I’m just not in the mood. In any case, PEOPLE OWE ME SALARY YAH! You all know who you are. 🙄


It is really really hard to feel festive when you have almost no money to your name and your new glasses are waiting at the optometrist for you to go pick up because you were told your money would come but it never came because either people have really shitty memory or they just plainly dishonest.

I have just discovered the bestest reason to have LASIK.

Teflon coated (baby-proof) + thinning of the originally very thick lenses = very expensive.

My glasses cost me average $200 per pair. One pair per year, in 10 years’ $2000 (ignoring inflation, etc etc). LASIK is prolly cheaper lor. And defo much much less hassle. I so hate grappling with speccies.

Ok. End of rant. (I could go on for ages, but who couldn’t?)


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