Woohoo to ’09?

Well, this is awkward. Seeing the slew of “recap” posts and “new year resolution” posts in (like what seems to be) a hundred other blogs, seriously, I’m so not going to conform. 😆

What I did in 2008 is pretty much like what I’ll still be doing in 2009:

  • Mothering
  • Wife-ing
  • Eating
  • Sleeping
  • Whining (?)

Of course there are new year resolutions, both personal and family wise. Of course there are special moments in 2008 that are worth revisiting again and again. But these pages here… They’ve transformed.

It’s no longer a diary like how it was in the early years where every mundane crapshit gets noted down.

It’s never really been a place where each and every milestone of my child gets recorded for all (cyberspace) eternity.

It is definitely not a place where I show off or put people down. Mai siao. If you really think I am someone like that, it only goes to show how little you know me.

The stuff that airs here are the stuff that I feel I should remember. Be it good, bad, or ugly. It is also an outlet for me to vent and rant. Afterall, it is much less painful than bothering people to make them hear your whining, don’t you agree? If reading my whining hurts your eyes, you can close your browser window. (Such a simple theory and yet some just don’t get it. Talk about thick skulls.)

In 2009, what I wish to achieve for myself and my family are simple things: Happiness, Health and Prosperity. (Sibei cheena-pok and generic, I know.)

And here’s wishing the same to all of you willing readers who aren’t complaining about my complaining. 🙂


One thought on “Woohoo to ’09?

  1. happy new year! nah i’m not recapping. studies have shown that new year resolutions are bad for the heart. 😛

    shell says: Hee hee. Great reason to not make up (yet another) list. 😆 Happy New Year, babe!

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