Resigning To Fate

A friend of mine (who is on a strict exercise/diet plan) brought up an interesting thought some time ago: “If you call yourself a fat auntie (albeit jokingly) are you actually resigning yourself to the way you are?”

[Before you think too far and presume that I am poking fun at some people, please stop yourself before you look like a fool.]

It prompted some further probing, even further than what we had discussed. Except, in my delicate condition now, my brain was once again 2 steps slower than usual.

My take on it is this:

If you are truly happy being this “fat auntie” that you label yourself with, then there is nothing wrong at all. However, if you are unhappy with being a “fat auntie” then something needs to be done. And no one else can do it for you except yourself.

Surely we are all entitled to a bit of whining here and there, afterall, who doesn’t want to be as perfect as they can be, physically or otherwise? But if the general mood you have towards yourself is one of self-pride and contentment, who’s to tell you to change yourself?

Like I have been told countless times (politely or otherwise) that if I want more money to go around, I should stop parking my ass around and go out to earn some money.

But out of 6 days in a week, I am truly happy with what I have, so is there really a need for change? And mind you, it would be a BIG change at that should I discard the kid at some care centre and head off for work each day.

Would you make a big change if it would potentially make you happy for 1 day out of each week? Or would you rather keep to what you have now and be happy for 6 days instead?

Is there fault in wondering out loud about what-ifs? Or what-was?

Humans are blessed with the gift of memory; the ability to visualise future and to compare past with present. It is only natural that we are curious about “what if” and reminisce on “what used to be”.

Not everyone is a go-getter to work towards the “what if”. Sometimes your “what if” turns out more disastrous in reality that what you originally had. So what’s so bad about resigning to a current fate that is making you generally happy?

* Disclaimer: Unless your idea of happiness includes abuse of any form to yourself or others. Ie: alcoholic, gambling, overeating, violence, etc.


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