Everything is growing the way it should(?)

The son:

  • has mastered a new dance skill of spinning himself round and round in circles. Then promptly falling onto the floor on his arse because he just made himself too dizzy to continue standing.
  • walks on tip-toes nowadays for reasons unknown.
  • has quietly grown tall enough to open the metal gate and run out of the house barefoot. All whilst daddy and I were psycho-ing ourselves into watching bad Sunday telly.
  • Today, he has also learnt the art of closing (not slamming) the wooden door, and locking it with two artful turns of the lock.

Next thing you know, he’ll be packing his bags and running away from home because I refuse to let him have another piece of chocolate.

The mother:

  • is growing fatter in the middle.
  • is getting that unexplainable backache that comes as a “side-effect”; but apparently now can be rescued by massages at Qi Mantra.
  • hopes to maybe have the titties grow some; seeing how most other mommies get the perks of bigger tits except moi. 😦
  • oddly doesn’t have much cravings, but the middle just keeps getting bigger.


At least now I have someone to share my unwanted sng bueys (sour plums) with… :mrgreen: (I never knew 19 month olds could develop liking towards those sour salty dried plums.)


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