I take it back!

I can no longer stand by what I said earlier today. Especially not when lovely friends automatically transferring sums of money to me as my birthday present or belated X’mas gift.

Carene sent me money to go buy tickets for the Tattoo Show (for both Hubs and I) as a belated X’mas gift.

Then this other chick won’t take her birthday angbao back. And she won’t give me her account number, so I can’t send the money back to her.

And I sorta have problems accepting kindness still. (It supposedly due to my sense of being “unworthy”, thus I feel bad if people are overtly nice to me.)

And tomorrow, if I am lucky, my overdue paycheck will come! It’s just been deposited, so now it’s just a matter of waiting. (Unless the name or account number is wrong…)

I have to keep telling myself, I’m cashing in all the good karma accumulated in 2008. With so many people who willingly read me whine, then stretch out their loving arms to me, 2009 can’t be all that bad. :mrgreen:


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