Tio twang.

My brain cells are fried from trying to figure out how to clear out this pile of shit that I am in, thanks to being twang-ed by people close to me.

I am literally throwing up from the stress. I’ve lost my appetite and have been forced to eat, for the sake of not starving.

I think what they say these days is true. You can’t even trust anyone. Best to guard all you have fiercely.

Next month is when a lot of events clusterfuck together: 4th wedding anniversary, my 26th birthday and (commercialised) V-day. And we’re already quite certain we will have to give celebrations and presents a pass. Maybe if we’re lucky, we can have a simple watered down dinner and some cheap presents for the heck of it.

I’m hoping I’ll get big fat angbaos thanks to Allspark (it’s a stupid Transformer name bestowed by the Transformers siao father and it got stuck) and maybe with all that gift money, we can clear some of this crap that I unsuspectingly fell into.

So much for making plans for 2009.

I want to go to the Tattoo Show. We’ve been waiting for it for months. But seeing how the money isn’t holding up very well for this month (and it’s not even because we’ve overindulged over X’mas) and possibly the next few months, I’m guessing we have no choice but to give it a pass. 😦

Maybe the Lunar New Year will change my luck. But according to (not usually very accurate) Chinese horoscope predictions, 2009 will be a bad year for me. Pffffffft. It’s going in one ear, and out the other.

I’ve not been known to be the most optimistic sperminated person around, but I’m trying my darndest just so that I won’t spiral deeper into this shithole.

I’ll be hiding in my hermit shell if you need me. You can try to call or text me, but seeing how my phone is dying (and I don’t have the spares to replace it), there’s no guarantee that I’ll be contactable.


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