Cheap Cravings.

There is a downside to craving cheap affordable foods.

Like how I was wanting roast pork rice (叉烧烧肉饭) last night and all THREE STALLS that sell it were either closed or sold out by 8pm.

Hawker stalls are not exactly very reliable that way. They can randomly choose not to open their stall. If a certain item is sold out, you can be very sure that they won’t be “restocking” until the next day.

I would much rather have cravings for reliable restaurant food, so I don’t have to face the emotionally detrimental effects of craving disappointment. Only thing is, it ain’t cheap to crave restaurant standard foods everyday.

Even better, I’ve actually been having this sick taste in my mouth thanks to something called “morning sickness”. Thus killing most of my appetite every single fookin’ day, and greatly saving the amount of money I would spend eating (and then mercilessly regurgitating) and the amount of weight I would not put on like an impregnanted cow.

I’m hoping I can eat properly once the 2nd trimester starts.


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