Changing The Game Plan.

With the onset of the Terrible Twos, I am starting to regret our decision of letting our children have the choice of free will.

We had ventured out to Fishermen’s Wharf because Mommy was craving for Halibut fish & chips with malt vinegar and salt. We had planned to eat, take a stroll to Daddy’s office at Chinatown to say Hi, then go to OG to get some pregnancy supplies.

But this crazy boy… he changed his mind the moment we stepped into OG and went into his “I don’t want to shop here. I don’t want to go home. But I don’t know what I want to do.” tantrum.

And once again, in my current delicate situation, I didn’t want to fight him to get my way, so we went home after a 15 minute argument about what the hell he actually wanted.

It’s so blardy tiring.

So I basically came home empty-handed, failing to procure any of the things I had set out to get – other than the fish & chips.

And this is why I usually prefer not to go out without Hubs. I tend to give in to Joshua’s wishes and just going home without achieving anything. What a total wasted trip. And I’d still have to make another trip another day to get the stuff I was supposed to get today. 😕

It is time to do more homework on the Terrible Twos and how to manage the boy through it. If you’re thinking of having kids, don’t say I never warned you about your baby angel turning into a monstrous monkey.


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