Fish & Chips are boring…

I was craving fish & chips (again) from Fishermen’s Wharf. We ordered our standard set lunch ($10.50, including 1 soft drink)…


and Oyster Poppers ($12.50 for 8).


What I love the most are the condiments that make the fish & chips RAWK: Malt vinegar and salt! *slurps*

But somehow, I think Joshua found the food boring. So boring, apparently, that he fell asleep halfway through the meal.

But you have to agree, he is damn cute.


As you can see, still got quite a bit of food left lor! So he basically slept there while I tried to finish the food that I ordered for both of us. 😕 Obviously, I was stuffed – leaving only some fries and 2 oyster poppers about 20 minutes later.

Ok. Parting shot!


Sho cutez! :mrgreen:


3 thoughts on “Fish & Chips are boring…

  1. Lol the video of Joshua is really adorable. And he really looks like you I think. Does he? Or more of his daddy?

    shell says: I’m not sure… Certain angles he looks really like Dad, and certain angles really like me! I think half-half? :mrgreen:

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