Counting Preggy Blessings: 19 Jan ’09

After a hormone raging 30 minutes of unfounded crying (full-on waterworks and not those pretty girl sobbing type), I decided I should count some pregnancy blessings to brighten up my day.

  1. No backache (yet).
  2. No constipation (yet).
  3. Peeing is not yet a major part of my daily life.
  4. Nausea has taken a backseat as long as I eat small meals regularly.
  5. No extreme food cravings (yet).
  6. Any food cravings can be easily overlooked or delayed until a convenient time.
  7. I am sleeping like a baby every night, discounting the weird dreams.
  8. No regular extreme mood swings. (Only your run-of-the-mill easy waterworks and slight pissiness.)
  9. Joshua is not exhibiting “currently existing sibling” jealousy.
  10. Joshua joyfully feeds me my prenatal vitamins (all 3 huge pills) daily.
  11. Joshua is uber understanding when I feel under the weather and just want to couch-potato.
  12. Sore tits are generally bearable (until Joshua head-slams into my chest by accident).
  13. Hubs generally complies to my various whines and whims.
  14. My friends are hyper-understanding. (Love, thanks!) :mrgreen:
  15. Going for checkup on Friday. (Hello Allspark!)
  16. Three more weeks until 2nd trimester!

In other not-so-pleasant news, Joshua seems to have taken to pooping twice a day instead of his former once-a-day, probably due to the great amount of food he now eats as part of his “growing into a big boy” phase.

Mommy’s hormonally sensitive nose now has to contend with the offensive smell during each poopy diaper change and sometimes run off to the sink to throw up afterwards. 😕

Yuck. Poop has never smelt worse.


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