Joshua the Laundry-Boy.

There’s this thing we do here in this household. I will turn on the washing machine, prop up a chair beside it – 100% fall-proof so don’t start getting paranoid – and Joshua will proceed to stand on the chair to “help Mommy watch the water fill up”.

When the water fills up to a decent level, he will shriek to get me to fasterly put in the laundry detergent and then he’ll help me throw the dirty clothes in.

Once the machine starts spinning, he will close the lid of our top-loading machine and then ask to be carried off the chair because his “duty” is done.

Today, something weird happened.

You see, we keep the detergents in a cupboard under the stove, and this cupboard has since been childproofed with handy (and affordable) childlocks purchased from IKEA.

Unfortunately, I forgot to lock the cupboard after I used the detergent, and 10 minutes after Joshua’s “duty” had been completed, I turned around and saw the boy on his tip-toes, attempting to open the lid of the machine, and “pour” more detergent inside!!

When I told him to “please put the detergent back”, he toddled over to the cupboard, opened it up, and placed the detergent bottle back where it’s supposed to be.

Then he… tried to lock the cupboard with the childlock.

It’s actually quite funny. I’ve never seen a child so accepting towards the devices that are supposed to keep him away. 😆

I should probably try to take some pictures of the boy “doing laundry” another time.


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