Prenatal checkup: 10 weeks

So everything is a-okay and my hormones were just running on a bit of a paranoia streak. :mrgreen:

The baby was “jumping” in the womb and “waving” as per what Joshua did back then. Heartbeat is nice and strong, and everything seems to be going just fine. *Phew*

Actually, s/he is in the exact same position like Haebee (aka Joshua) was in that ultrasound! Head pointing to the right, right arm up and waving. Cute!

Birth Plan

I’ve handed in my birth plan to the doc, because knowing me, I’ll cave into the backache/constipation/tiredness/etc and then be begging to be released from the pregnant torture all in due time. Doc says we’ll “hold out until it is medically required for intervention” (ie: 42 weeks, i think). And should intervention be required, we will not go for induction as per Joshua, but will go straight for a C-section. Sounds good to me.

*swollen fingers and toes crossed for natural delivery*

I don’t think I can take another C-section. Inflicting a new wound on an old wound is never a great idea, especially when my babies will only 2 years apart. Not to mention having to deal with toddler and newborn with a painful incision in my lower mid-section… The thought of it is enough to make me cringe.

Name Game

Meanwhile, there is a great temptation to rename the baby to “Mexi” – short for “Mexican Jumping Bean” – because s/he was hopping and jumping around when we did the ultrasound scan.

So… Allspark (because baby looked like sparkplug in the 1st scan) or Mexi? Comments appreciated! 🙂


3 thoughts on “Prenatal checkup: 10 weeks

  1. Allspark sounds cute!! Mexi sounds like “Maxi”…so,yeah… =X

    shell says: My friend also asked me if it was “Maxi Pad”… 😆

  2. Hahaha AllSpark very Transformer leh.. u sure or not?

    What about Maxine?

    shell says: But Maxine very girly leh… What if it’s a boy???

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