Not looking forward to CNY…

Just the thought of upcoming CNY celebrations is enough to make me feel tired. What’s worse is that this year, we’ll probably be taking taxi from house to house, which means I will be subjected to the over-enthusiastic vibrating of old diesel engines.

Urgh. *stifles urge to puke*

I can’t put my finger on the exact reasoning as to why I dread the festivities so much. Except maybe… we’ve been spared from CNY every year since getting hitched, that I no longer look forward to the repetitive “visit, greet,-sit around, NEXT!” routine.

Even in that one year when I was pregnant with Joshua and didn’t go for a vacation, the rest of the extended Tan family went to Bangkok thus reducing the number of necessary visitations to a bare minimum.

It is definitely not wise to be in your early pregnancy during CNY. Very very exhausting. 😦

Not to mention the deep state of tiredness that my one night of sleeplessness has fucked my body into. I have to literally draaaaaaaag myself around even though all I want to do is just SLEEP.

Oh, fly me off somewhere to escape that which I cannot bring myself to enjoy. I don’t mind travelling by land or sea either. Just get me outta this! (But it’s too late to sneak out of this now, is it?)


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