The Joshua Diaries: Eating Out

Baby Camwhores with Daddy

RIMG0080 RIMG0081
RIMG0082 RIMG0083

And my fave pic from this lot…


*snort snort* Pig face!

The Boy and The Buckle

“You damn adults should buckle me in so I don’t fall off!”
*fiddles fervently with buckle and strap*

16-11-08_2041 16-11-08_2042
16-11-08_2043 16-11-08_2044

(In all honesty, his ass and thighs were so snug in that McDonald’s highchair that there was no way he could fall off.)

Going Crazy on Couch @ Carl’s Jr

RIMG0091 RIMG0094

I love how cute he looks wearing MY Emily Strange “kitty-ears” beanie. But wait til you see this one!


“DOH! You stupid adults!” *facepalm* 😆

Oh yes, he loves his chilli cheese fries.


And oh yes, we can be kinda gross in a mushy lovey-dovey way…


Practising plastic cutlery

RIMG0001 RIMG0002
RIMG0003 RIMG0004

“Nobody ever told me tissue was so yummy!”

The Famous Falling Asleep

And who could forget the dozing off while eating fish & chips??


Yes. He is trés power! This will prove to be an invaluable skill when he goes to army. :mrgreen:


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