The Hair Chronicles

So all of us went bald, remember?

Family portrait
6th July 2008 – After Hair For Hope 2008

So, did my hair grow back? Click to read more!

[ This post is broken up so that people who don’t like seeing my face can be spared the agony of having my pictures plastered to their computer screen. And some say I’m not considerate… :mrgreen: ]

If you don’t like to see my face/hair/whatever, DON’T CLICK to read then later complain/bitch/puke privately in your own blog!

If you likey to see my pics then

Ahhhhhhh… Despite all the nice comments on the initial airing of this photo, I got bashed by some people – privately in their own blogs, of course – on my description of this pic.

Sexy is always in style
26th July 2008 – I was the next top model

A slight deviation from the topic of my hair: Did you know the winner of ANTM’s 10th cycle is a full-figured girl? I was so psyched when I watched it on Channel 5 that I screamed and woke Hubs up. 😆

Then I had my hair bleached a couple of weeks after the pic above, but I failed to capture it. Just imagine my hair a shade of Ah Lian blonde ok? Imagination, people! Work it!

After I got bored of the blonde and my hair grew a little, I added turned it brown…

1st November 2008 – Grass-like hair, but Joshua is cute as always!

But generally it was still too short for me to do fuck-all to it except changing the color. The only thing I could do was to tahan the ugliness (yuck!) until it grew to a length that could be styled by a good haircut.

Then between 1st November to 23rd November, my hair grew tremendously fast!

23rd November 2008 – Starting to turn “auntie”…

And the natural waves started to show… wavy/curly hair can be quite a handful when it’s short. Even a lethal combination of leave-in conditioner + mousse + hairspray is unable to tame it. 😕

So in early December, I dyed my hair back to black again so that I could wear the clip-on black hair extensions I got from a taiwan supplier spree.

3rd December 2008 – Channeling “taiwan mei” (attempt failz, of course)

See? Now can pseudo long hair liao!

(If you’re curious, I’m wearing 2 pieces of black curly hair extensions behind, and 1 piece black fringe extension.)

25 December 2008 – Wearing only the clip-on fringe extension

You could say I got grossed out with my straw-like untamed naturally wavy hair, and it was WORSE after I dyed it black (therefore no pictures cos it’s too ugly for words). Someone told me my hair was “damn auntie” and she told me to “please do something about it”, and so I did…

A couple of weeks ago, after getting a hefty birthday angbao from a lovely friend, I treated myself to a nice haircut – my first since getting shaved bald – from my favourite hairstylist on 10th January.

24 January 2008 – The current hairstyle

Now I have presentable hair for CNY!

So what do you think? Does my hair really grow very fast? I still find it too slow for my liking. 😦


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