Minerals are good for your skin…

So please join my Everyday Minerals spree! :mrgreen:


My raving “advertorial”:

I’ve started using their products a few months ago, but didn’t really see the results because I’m home most of the time and only use it periodically.

But I’ve been going out a lot over the past 2 weeks and I really see the damn difference! My skin has been dry and prone to breakouts ever since getting pregnant, and this is a true facesaver!

As illustrated in the last pic in this post, you can see the THREE pimples on my face (left cheek, right cheek, chin). They popped up somewhere in late Dec and refused to fucking budge off my face. But they are now fast clearing up due to the mineral makeup!

I’ve been doing the same skincare routine, so I really can’t attribute the clearing up to anything BUT the mineral makeup.

And the plus point? It is damn farking cheap lah! S$10 for a large size foundation that can easily last you for months even if you use it daily. You can’t say no to something that covers up your complexion flaws, is affordable and great for your skin! Can you?

The down side? You have to buy a Kabuki brush to help you apply the makeup evenly since they are all in loose powder form. (Heng all the brushes also don’t cost more than S$10.)

So what are you waiting for? Go place your orders now! You know I won’t recommend it unless it’s good stuff. 🙂


One thought on “Minerals are good for your skin…

  1. hey, I’ve heard fab reviews abt this stuff and am keen to try but i’m quite tanned so will it be hard to find a matching tone?

    shell says: Actually there is an FAQ link on the “Base” page. They will teach you how to find out what color you should try, by matching to your hair/eye color and other pointers.

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