Nesting meh?

I suddenly went into a cleaning frenzy. It started innocently enough as a bid to clean up my forever messed up one and only table in the house. (Yah, we sibei cham, only got ONE table in the whole house.)

And since there are stuff from all around the house that somehow landed on that table, I ended up packing the Kajak (an IKEA swivel mirror-cum-toiletries cupboard), my makeup barang-barang, a part of the storeroom, the kitchen cabinets and this “hole” under the table where we keep bulky stuff – such as my flea mart paraphernalia – out of sight.

Please remind me that when we do move to a bigger place, that I would need:

  • a specific space for my gazillion handbags; none of which are luxury brand babies, but yet I anally want them nicely displayed instead of stacked and chucked into some cupboard.
  • at least double the storage space for footwear. Boots really take up a hell lot of space, Hubs has gone from owning 3 pairs to 7, and Josh has 3 pairs. We can only foresee more shoes joining the clan.
  • lots and lots of cupboards to keep things out of sight (and away from tiny prying hands).
  • and maybe for once, a proper storeroom instead of a self-made space with shelves.

Damn. I think I should have to take out some unloved bags and shoes and try to get rid of them at the next flea mart…

Meanwhile, take home these brand new lovelies k?


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