Say, what?!

In 4 months’ time, Joshua will be 24 months old. For those bad in math, that means he’ll be 2 years old!

I am, like, totally overwhelmed that he will be 2 soon. WTF. Where did all the time fly to?

Also, I will be 26 in 3 weeks’ time. OMG. Almost reaching the three-oh mark liao. *counts on fingers*

From henceforth I should probably stop announcing my age publicly. 😆

But before we move on to my birthday festivities (or lack thereof), we shall celebrate our FOURTH wedding anniversary this Thursday!

Hubs has got something up his sleeve, but he’s not saying what… until the day itself that is. Cos he say, “Scared later the dinner I have in mind make you puke”. So he’ll have to take a raincheck with my pregnancy hormones and he may have to change plans last minute.

I just wonder… eating macaroni soup for anniversary dinner not very romantic hor? :mrgreen:


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