Morning Sickness: The New Weightloss

Being pregnant is definitely not the time for one to think about losing weight, but when you’re feeling nauseous from dawn to dusk, it’s hard to put food into your tummy and keep it there.

I’ve not had much appetite since Christmas, it has only taken a downward slide since CNY. The sight of all those rich foods only make me run to the loo to barf. In other (worse) instances, just the smell or thought of food will suffice to do the same.

Big no-nos:

  • FISH, particularly the steamed sort
  • the smell of ANY food being cooked
  • BBQ-ed food = GIANT NO-NO
  • coffee
  • pictures of food
  • any mention of food

Ok fine, I basically cannot tolerate ANY food; be it the sight, smell or thought of it.

So tell me, how to EVER feel like eating anything when just the THOUGHT of food will make me puke?!

And thus, I have lost 2kg due to all the lack of appetite + puking. 😕

Nowadays my in-laws constantly ask me “Are you hungry?” because they have witnessed first-hand how bad the situation truly is. And I can only always say “Yes I am goddamn hungry, but I can’t eat anything!”

OMG. SO NOT FUN LOR.*pray hard hard this phase will pass*


3 thoughts on “Morning Sickness: The New Weightloss

  1. -.-” my whole message got cut off coz of my emoticon…lol…
    i’m a noob…

    question was basically if it is possible to just eat…
    since u’re going to throw up either ways…
    might as well try to force the food down and hope it does it’s nutrient providing job before coming back up…
    easy for me to say though…tt’s why it’s a question…=(
    it’s provided you can even get near to food right? sighz…

    worried about u leh…
    not enough nutrients to go round for both of u…

  2. Have you tried fruits? I couldn’t stomach pretty much everything during my pregnancy, but found great happiness in fruits. Especially oranges…the more sour, the better! =D

    shell says: The smell of orange being peeled already makes me run far far away. Make a smart guess if I can eat any fruits. 😆

    I virtually had to scream at Hubs whenever he peeled those damn oranges to eat after all the CNY visiting.

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