I want pretty maternity bras. :(

You know, if I had a lot of money to go around, I would buy all my maternity and nursing lingerie from HOTmilk. And only from them.

For once, I see sexy lingerie for the preggos. FOR ONCE.

Not that beige white crap with tacky lace. If you’re lucky, you get some black options, which downs the granny factor by a little. But nonetheless, nothing that screams sexy pregnant siren like HOTmilk, ok?

All you men probably want your pregnant wives looking like this:

…and not the typical sallow-faced, bloated, cranky watermelons that they actually pretty much feel like.

While I can’t speak for other preggos, I know if you dress me in HOTmilk and flattering maternity wear every single fucking day, I swear I would also feel like a rockin’ hot sexy preggo instead of the frumpy piece of shit in raggly ugly innerwear.

Look good, feel good. It’s not that hard a concept to grasp.

At least 90% of the maternity/nursing lingerie in the world are plain, granny-inspired and totally unappealing to even me; let alone be appealing to Hubs. Not that he’s complaining (yet), but I am. 😦

What’s with the severe lack of color/material/design options?! And what’s with making me pay through the nose for something sexy and comfortable?! I can’t bear the sight of those ugly granny-esque bras, let alone buy and WEAR them. But I also can’t justify paying a decent amount for something that I can’t use forever. (I think they call it the “cheapskate auntie syndrome”.)

For the uninitiated, bra sizes fluctuate – sometimes A LOT depending on how “lucky” the woman is – during pregnancy and breastfeeding, so I can’t really just buy one nice bra and use that forever.

I am disgruntled and somewhat upset about the sad fashion state of maternity lingerie. 😦

And having a short hairdo makes me look at least 5 years older, and that really doesn’t help to make me feel better about how I look right now. *chants* Hate my hair. Hate my hair. Hate my hair. Grow you stupid bitch, GROW!


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