Sibei bad timing…

I just got my new phone-cum-camera on the 5th and then on the 8th my Flickr Pro account expired. Sibei bad timing lor!

So tell me, what’s the point of having a better camera now huh? 😕

Take nicer pics liao also cannot upload freely cos Flickr free accounts have limitations to monthly upload size. And then my 5mpx camera obviously churns out photos of higher file size due to higher resolution.

Just now I uploaded 10 photos, and I’ve already used up 13% of this month’s 100MB limit. TAMADE! So angry!

Now it seems I’ll have to renew my flickr pro account for my birthday.

I just realised that I have about S$60+ in my PayPal account due to some work I previously did, and I’ve used it to buy another year of flickr pro! Yippee!!


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