26th Birthday Wishlist

I’m just going to plonk everything I want – whether it can be bought or not – into this list.

  • Hypnobirthing Package (5 classes)
  • HOTmilk (in every single fookin’ design they have in bra size 38C, undies/chemises/camisoles size XL)
  • Nintendo Wii + Guitar Hero + Rock Band
  • Money, money and more money – so that I can buy all the crap I want
  • Mustela Specific Support Bust cream
  • Pregnancy Pillow – the one I wanted seems to be out of production liao 😦
  • Maternity panties – because I swear my non-preggy panties are trying to murder my ass
  • Maternity sleepwear (why are they always so fucking ex)
  • Maternity tees that don’t cost a bomb so I can wear them at home
  • Pedicure package – because soon I won’t be able to reach my toes
  • A pair of flat heeled black leather boots
  • Pretty sandals cos I can’t be arsed to wear shoes (let alone heels) nowadays
  • Pregnant Pampering – spa, massage, facial, the works.
  • Flickr Pro account Paid for it myself with my Paypal balance.
  • To NOT feel like a piece of crap everyday
  • Baby come out zhun zhun 39 weeks (pls don’t torture me longer than that)
  • Joshua guai guai forever and ever
  • Joshua fasterly master potty training
  • Joshua (puhleaseeeee) start talking soon
  • Joshua stop asking to share my food – that monkey stole my sashimi
  • I want to feel glowy and pregnant, not crappy and pregnant.

I swear I will close factory after this one comes out.

Meanwhile, as inspired by Yunz, you can donate to the “Get Shelly A Wii” Fund to POSB savings 137-19583-6. Thank yew bery much. :mrgreen:


2 thoughts on “26th Birthday Wishlist

  1. anywhere that i can donate to a ‘get shelly a Wii’ fund? =D

    shell says: hurhur. Pls send all donations to POSB savings 137-19583-6. :mrgreen: Official receipt will be given after confirmation of donation. 😆

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