Daddy has a superpower of Persuasion.

Remember we shifted Joshua to a big boy bed not too long ago? Well, he finally learnt how to climb on and off on Sunday.

So for the past couple of nights, we’ve had yelling matches because he constantly climbed off the bed when it was bedtime. Worse still – because he is tall enough to reach and open the door – he would simply climb off the bed, open his room door and totter out to play.

(We had shifted all his toys into the living room because we foresaw this happening sometime soon. So if he has no toys in his room, he wouldn’t stay up all night playing quietly in the dark instead of sleeping.)

Despite doing a High 5 promise about staying in bed and going to sleep, he still finds it too great a temptation to not push the boundaries.

We eventually had to lock his door with the key to prevent him from waltzing out and delaying bedtime. Of course he screamed like a caged animal, but it was the last straw seeing how it would be 2-3 hours past his usual 10pm bedtime.

But last night… I don’t know what exactly transpired between father and son. PapaNash told me hours after bedtime that he promised Joshua the door wouldn’t be locked if he could be a good boy and stay in bed.

And oddly, never once did the boy attempt to open the door and come out to play like previous nights. He stayed in his room from 10pm onwards, without screaming or crying at all.

Sometimes I have to admit, this Daddy does have his own special powers. πŸ™‚


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