The TVC.

So you would have remembered that Joshua and I “starred” in a TVC some months ago. Well, it’s finally ready for your viewing pleasure!

Yes, I am supposed to be an auntie! How apt… 😆

N.B. The glasses and grey tee does NOT belong to me. I believe I have better (fashion) sense than that ok! :mrgreen:


5 thoughts on “The TVC.

  1. nice one! I can’t wait for it to screen on TV and I scream.. THERE SHE IS!! shelllllllllllyyyyyyyy!!!

    shell says: You might not see it on TV cos I think they are revising their advertising budget. 😦

  2. i notice u have lost alot alot of weight lo!(as compared to the clip)
    *claps Claps*
    n joshua is cute de lor!

    shell says: Actually it’s been said that ppl look at least 5kg heavier on screen, and I think that should be the case. Cos I haven’t lost much weight since filming the TVC!!

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