Valentine’s Day.

Nothing like the extravagant affair that my inner moneygrubber would have fantasised about, but it was still kinda sweet nonetheless. (I think it somewhat helps that my mood has been significantly lifted since speaking to the power-filled Uncle Henri.)

Sometime almost midnight, I was presented with a (badly) wrapped gift:


Pink Grizzly Gloomy Bear! I’ve been eyeing for one since… even before I met Hubs. I bought a “pirated” non-grizzly black one a long time ago, but has since misplaced it – or absentmindedly threw it away – after moving house.


Deathly bloodied claws after digging out Hubs’ heart as a V day offering for me… Just joking! :mrgreen:


We let the bear – now renamed as “PiGoo”; short for “Pink Gloomy” – wear Joshua’s cheenapok CNY hat. Now it looks super cute!

I asked Hubs why he didn’t buy a black one for me instead, because I always thought the black ones looked cuter in a menacing way. He said this one just caught his eye. And being innocently pink, it won’t cause bad dreams for the sensitive preggo. Then, waving the bloodied claws around, he said: “Shoo, bad dreams! I shall protect you!” Cutez. (The bear, not the Hubs.)

As for entertainment, we went for a late dinner at Xin Wang Hongkong Cafe, and caught Underworld: Rise of the Lycans.

Dinner was a super cheap affair at only $13+ because I had a $15 birthday voucher! Hurhur. And the movie? Gooooooood. It’s a prequel for the first Underworld movie, and the special effects were as good as ever.

So that’s it. Super tame, kinda boring V day celebrations. But I’m not complaining. 🙂


One thought on “Valentine’s Day.

  1. Glad that you’re feeling better. I think that you had a sweet Valentines day. I watched Paris Je T’aime on Okto channel by myself – LDR. By the way, I think you are a great mum (although I dont really know you) Your son looks very cute and intelligent! 🙂

    shell says: Thanks! 🙂 Always nice to hear compliments about my boy.

    Must be hard having an LDR. I’m the sticky sort and I would probably never survive one. 😛 Here’s hoping you meet up with your darling soon!

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