Today’s discomforts.

  • My bellybutton feels like it is going to break. Like.. pop out and fly off somewhere far far away.
  • I am feeling slight cramps from bellybutton down to… down there. To the point that I am having difficulty bending over.
  • I puked seaweed + bread just now. Something I haven’t done for a couple of days. It was a grossly familiar sensation.
  • I am sleepy and tired, but I can’t really fall asleep.
  • Just now I thought I felt a need to shit (after all, I had been cramping all day). But I went to the toilet, sat down, and only let out a huge smelly fart. I almost felt my insides empty out from the release of gas.

Suddenly I thought to myself: What the hell am I doing having another baby again? Going through the 9 month long discomfort all over again? Having to deal with a screaming unfamiliar newborn again? WTF was I thinking when I said yes to making another baby?!?

Then I remembered.

Because you wanted another baby right about now. The first one we made because you gave in to me and my desires to be a mom. This second one we made because you said you prefer them to be spaced about 2 years apart.

This baby is for you, ok?! Now we are even. :mrgreen:

So… you better give in to all my pregnancy desires! *ahem* You should know what to do… If you don’t know, I smack you until you remember! 😡


N.B. While searching for the above links, I chanced upon this post where I said I’d never shave my head. You all know what I went and did for charity lah, hor? Now the question is, was I really really nuts?! 😯


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