My Sly 26th.

I woke up from my nap in the evening and found this huge ass carton of Pokka Green Tea on the kitchen counter:


Hubs said his office had a whole carton of it left after an event, so he brought them back for me to drink lor. Not bad leh… free carton of green tea.

Then at around 9.30pm, he asked me if I wanted my present now or at midnight. I was watching TV and feeling lazy, so I told him later lor. When TV gets boring then give me so I have something to do.

Doubtful about what I’d be getting, I just had to probe him more about the gift.

Me: So… is it big?
Hubs: mmmmm… not really lah.
Me: Is it expensive?
Hubs: Ok lah.
Me: Will I like it?
Hubs: I think so.
Me: Hmm….. OK. Then I ask for it later.
Hubs: But if you want your present, you need to do something for me.
Me: What? Suck your *beep* [censored]?
Hubs: No.
Me: Then? *beep beep beep beep* [censored]?
Hubs: Aiyah, No lah. You go open that carton of green tea and put a few cans in the fridge. Later I want to drink.
Me: Orh. Ok lor.

I continued watching some more TV… until about 10.20pm. Really I was quite tired cos I didn’t manage to sleep at all last night. So I told him: “Ok lah. Open present earlier then I want to go to bed liao.”

He told me if I wanted my present now, then go and put the cans of green tea in the fridge first. So I went and opened the carton lor. KNNCCB!!

Guess what I saw inside the carton!!!!




I is one happy 26 year old pregnant mommy!

This present was sooooo unexpected because he had said earlier that there probably won’t be any presents as he had got me the ZN5 for our anniversary. We don’t usually have a lot of $$ to go around, so being set back $400 for the phone was quite a logical explanation. What with the antenatal checkups and all, we’re looking at almost $2k in total expenses BEFORE the Baby #2 is even born!

So I really wasn’t expecting much for my birthday. Maybe another cuddly toy, or something. But pretty much no idea what he would give me cos there’s nothing else I really want after I got a new phone with a great cam.

When I saw the Wii in that stupid misleading box, I was soooooo happy that I screamed and hopped around the living room for about a good minute. After which I promptly went to the sink to throw up cos I jumped around too much and too vigorously. 😆 Sibei malu.

Next up, GUITAR HERO!!!!!!!!! :mrgreen:

(All monies donated to the “Get Shelly A Wii” Fund will be redirected to “Get Shelly Guitar Hero/Rock Band” Fund.)


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