Tomorrow I will turn 26.

And my life hasn’t really changed much. (Pregnancy-induced hormonal imbalance aside.) Not that I’m complaining, there’s nothing really wrong with my life right now and I’m somewhat happy to remain right here. šŸ™‚

In about 6 months’ time, I will be popping Baby #2 ā€“ gender currently unknown ā€“ and I am oddly not feeling much excitement about it. Yet. I’m hoping once we find out the gender, I will somehow start getting hyped up about the additional of a new member to our family.

So, what will I be doing on my birthday tomorrow?

I’ll be selling my pre-loved clothing and bags at, which will be held at Home Club between 4pm to 10pm.

You are most welcomed to join in the treasure digging and come wish me happy birthday! (Presents are more than welcomed too.) :mrgreen:

I will be selling everything at $5 and less!!

I will also be bringing along the lovely BRAND NEW Victoria’s Secret dress and 2 swimsuits. Do come by and try them on if you’re keen on them. šŸ™‚ (Of course, they will cost more than $5 lah.)

Please come buy my stuff and help me make room in my tiny 3-room flat for Baby #2! I’m also hoping to get back some cash to buy that extra cot, clothes and other baby paraphernalia.

Joshua and Hubs will be there too, so if you’ve always wanted to cuddle Joshua, this is your chance! I will also allow photo-taking with Joshua for $2 per shot. šŸ˜† Yes, I’m lelong-ing him like some rare animal specimen.

At the previous flea I went to, so many people were fussing over Josh and taking pics that they all said I should charge for it!

Anyway, there’s something for everyone at ā€“ brand new & pre-loved clothes, shoes, accessories, and even ridiculously cheap FULL-SIZE makeup samples! There are usually also people selling handmade crafts and mens’ items. Sometimes it’s hard for me not to get distracted and go shopping. :mrgreen:

So come visit ok? Don’t be shy, and remember to say Hi!


2 thoughts on “Tomorrow I will turn 26.

  1. …must pay money to take picture with Jos???

    Not exciting enough… Must take picture with 2 ROTTIES and Jos. then the $2 damn worth it.

    shell says: Aiyah, shaddup lah. How many times you wanna say the same thing?

  2. Alaaa…I wanna come, but I’ve got tuition classes Sat evenings…Sigh. Can I take a peek on what you’re selling? Who knows, I might wanna buy some… Hee.

    shell says: harr. I lazy to take pictures of everything and upload, which is why I prefer to sell at flea mart.

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