Where’s that energy spurt?!

There’s supposed to be this spurt of energy once you get into your 2nd trimester, but all I’m feeling is sleepy, sleepy and more sleepiness.

Fortunately for me, Joshua is teething his molars (the last of the teething terrors for the coming years) and is similarly tired as well. So both of us pretty much just laze around and sleep a lot.

I’ve been running on Redbull power for a few days now, and recently being commissioned to do articles again, I really need that bloody energy spurt. (Before you start to nag about having too much Redbull, a can a day is not going to kill anyone, so shut it.)

When you’re tired all the time regardless of how much you sleep, and your appetite is pathetically mouse-like despite being hungry, you would be cranky too.

I am only counting down to Saturday’s antenatal checkup to make sure all these tiny amounts of food isn’t somehow affecting the baby’s growth. But I think I should have enough stored fats to feed a whole family of three lah. :mrgreen:

I am now officially 26, and still cranky and whiny as hell. Why? Did you think I’d suddenly have a 360° change?! Wait long long lor. 😆

Really.must.close.factory.after.this.one. 😕


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