Potty Training: Being SPECIFIC.

I think I should have been more specific when I said, “Go to the potty and pee.”

The boy closed the cover of his potty, stood on top of it – since his potty doubles up as a stepping stool – and peed ON the potty. Instead of peeing INTO it.

Yes. One should be very specific when teaching children new things. 😕

Either that, or you buy basic potties instead of the fancy ones with many-a-thingamajig. If cannot convert to stepping stool, then no chance for the kid to gei kiang and pee ON it.

But seriously, I can’t complain much about a 20 month old who can sit on the floor and “read” books by himself for more than 30 minutes. And none of the paperback books get torn! It’s already damn miraculous liao.


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