Born to be a thief.

For the second time since I’ve moved into this home, I’ve broken into my own home.

Why? Because Hubs had gone to work and I’ve cleverly forgotten to bring my keys out; only realise it when I’m already outside my door.

I recall one time during my teens, when my entire wallet had been stolen together with my keys – it was common in those days to “chain” your keys to your wallet – and I had patiently spent an hour picking the locks on both doors with only a safety pin and a hairpin. My mom was at work and she would have killed me if she found out I had lost my wallet and keys.

Somehow I succeeded with some thoughtful prodding and poking after scrutinising the lock mechanisms. I told no one had known about my successful lock-picking attempt, until today that is.

Imagine, with no prior understanding or practice, I was able to pick the lock of the HDB approved fire-proof wooden door. I must have been born with a gift or something.

As for breaking into my own home, I don’t actually have to pick locks or anything. I usually keep my keys somewhere not far from the door, and it’s only a matter of gaining access to my keys via the windows with the help of whatever happens to be within reach. An umbrella, neighbour’s wooden clothes peg, and that’s about all I need.

Seriously, there may be a career for me in burglary.


5 thoughts on “Born to be a thief.

  1. If pregnancy forgetfulness is going to get to u, I volunteer u keeping on set of keys in my keypot with me. At least if u ever really lock urself out, u can jalan jalan take 64 direct here n pick up ur keys. There’s usually SOMEONE in my house at any one time. USUALLY.

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