Go to bed too early, wake up too early. WTF.

4.18am woke up to go pee, and now I cannot fall back asleep liao. Nair mind, Hubs say we go eat Joo Chiat Bak Kut Teh for breakfast before he heads to work. :mrgreen:


“You know what the problem is with you? You have no problem. It’s all in your head.”

And the moment he said that, my head was questioning: “So like that means I am somewhat abnormal?”

See?! Exactly what he meant lah. My head is full of crap.


It’s been damn cold the whole of this week and I want herbal bak kut teh! Jooooooo Chiat!


And goddamn it, I love late night Power 98. Reminds me of all the late night drives – in a passion-fiilled world where babies are not the predominant concern – where we waste petrol mindlessly and just go where the roads take us to.

Then suddenly now we are baking Baby #2. Sometimes life is odd that way.


Did I mention checkup is on Saturday? *jiggy jiggy* I wonder if Baby will wave at us again.


I am somewhat denouncing the temporary name “Allspark” for #2. It just doesn’t roll of my tongue the way I want it to. I’ve been unwittingly calling the baby “didi” or “小的”. Ya lah ya lah, I want another boy lah.


Show all of you freaky pic of Joshua:


See his eyes! Damn freaky lor! But damn funny in a way also. 😆


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