Being on the same page.

Hubs and I are planning on going for a babymoon, with Joshua in tow of course. But… the options are countless, yet the budget is limited.

We could have had a debate on where to go – considering my delicate situation and having a toddler with us – but no, we were quite similar in our thoughts; somewhere nearby and affordable, more to relax and maybe soak in the local culture, than to do the mindless continuous shopping/eating that I am so famed for.

Honestly, I still don’t have a ravenous appetite as of yet, so all I basically want to achieve is to get out of my routine. I will have to be confined here for many more months to come with the arrival of a newborn, and I feel we should all get out for a breather while we still can.

We would love to hop on a plane and fly off somewhere (and go duty-free shopping while we’re at the airport), but seriously, we don’t have that kind of money to spare right now. A baby is coming, and being extravagant on ourselves should be the last priority, if it should even be a priority in the first place.

When I told Hubs about going to Batam – somewhere near, affordable and completely new to us – we were quite concerned about the rocky ferry ride. But heck, what’s the worse that can happen? Seasick and I puke lor. Big deal meh? After a couple hours’ rest, I would be good to go again. It sounds much better than 6 hours’ of bus ride to Colmar Tropicale to me.

So the plan is made: We go Batam!

Gong-gong catching, A&W, shopping at City Centre, swimming (OMG I would love to float around weightlessly in the water), spending time together before the new baby comes and shakes up the comfortable routine we’ve gotten so used to (and somewhat bored of).

What I love about Hubs, is how when I jested about getting the 1-bedroom villa at S$390 for 3D2N, he jumped on it saying, “Why not? Actually I don’t mind paying for the villa. Nice nice hor?”

I guess we both have this fantasy of cuddling in front of the sea, feeling the breeze in our face, and just… being together. Machiam the Bondi Beach experience, except cheaper with no angmohs. Oh, and with a kid. :mrgreen:

Now it’s just a matter of getting myself (and the baby) checked out on Saturday, getting the doc’s approval for a babymoon, and maybe acquiring some anti-seasick meds. Then it’s on to book our holiday, and off we go!

I’m so excited! I will no longer be Batam-suakoo after the trip! 🙂


4 thoughts on “Being on the same page.

  1. On the ferry, please don’t sit downstairs in the confined space. Sure giddy one.

    Go upstairs, look out at the horizon and get some wind (don’t forget windbreaker etc) and you’ll be fine.

    I am prone to motion sickness, and sitting outside/upstairs prevented me from getting dizzy despite the choppy sea (SG side raining) 😀

    shell says: Orh okay.

  2. Sounds fun! And Josh will enjoy it. I’m planning for another trip with Hub and Sage in March. Take tons of pics 🙂

    shell says: You won’t be bringing Liam along??

    • Nope, just the 3 of us cos we can’t manage a baby and a tod. Will have to wait till he turns 2.

      shell says: That’s what we feel also. That’s why going for holiday now before we have to wait long long until #2 grow up and can go holiday again. :mrgreen:

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