Potty Training: Askew Again!

Once again, the Boy has demonstrated his keen-ness to potty train by peeing ON the potty.

This time, he brought along with him a small piece of toilet paper – self serviced from the “adult” toilet – and he haphazardly “cleaned” his groin area (through his wet pants) and the potty post-pee.

Somewhat clever, yet so terribly wrong.

He has also demonstrated the ability to wash his “accident” pants by “wringing” the pants that have been rinsed clean of pee and soaked in a pail of soap water. Thereafter, he brings the dripping wet pants from the bathroom to the kitchen, opens the washing machine lid, and pops the pants in.

Totally ingenious if you ask me, but all I want now is for him to know how to pee INTO the potty.

Why do they just learn all the things you don’t want them to learn yet, and seemingly ignore everything you want them to master?!

Kids. 😕

Also, when the bloody hell is he going to start talking?! *tears hair out*


One thought on “Potty Training: Askew Again!

  1. Maybe he wants to pee in the toilet like you guys instead of the potty since he’s always been keen on being a big boy.

    shell says: That’s what I’ve been telling Nash. But Josh has worries of falling into the toilet even if we’re holding on to him TIGHT.

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