Potty Training: Doing it his own way.

When – for the nth time since last week – this boy pees onto his potty, it’s a hard knock to my preggy brains that he is somewhat potty trained in his own way.

When pee-time came (which is about once every three hours), he would look down at his penis, mutter something, then run to his potty. Then he would pick it up, carry it from one end of the kitchen to the other end, stand on top of it against the kitchen sink, and… pee.

Then he will attempt to turn on the tap to wash his hands, and then look around for me to clean up the mess for him. If I’m not paying attention, then he scream for “mama”.

Yesternight when I caught the boy peeking down at his groin, I told Hubs: “Eh, the boy wants to pee.”

Hubs brought the boy to the potty. Didn’t work.
Hubs brought him to the bathroom. Didn’t work.
Hubs turned on the shower to “stimulate” peeing. Didn’t work.
Hubs brought him to the “adult toilet”. Didn’t work.

In the end the boy started getting frustrated and jumping around.

I decided, what the hell, just let him pee in the way he’s comfortable lah. We can slowly adjust him into the toilet when he’s ready. So we let him drag his potty to the kitchen sink, and he peed. Within a minute flat.

Somehow that’s the only way he currently knows how to pee. He can’t pee standing on the floor, nor over the potty, nor sitting on the potty, nor into a little cup like what my mom-in-law suggested.

He can only pee STANDING on his potty, beside the kitchen sink. I don’t know why, but I’m sure if he would have a pretty logical explanation if he could speak.

Meanwhile, I am just going to let him go pee however he can. And continue getting himself wet because he still doesn’t know how to pull down his pants.

Well, it is still some sort of achievement, ain’t it? At least he can recognise his need to pee, and goes to ONE particular place to do it. Just that right now, that one place isn’t exactly the right place. But that will be sorted out in time to come, once he is more ready and able. 🙂


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