Dreaming of circa 2004

I dreamt of meeting you, for the first time, your long bangs pulled back with a black matte hairband. In reality, you would have been struck out of my qualifying list in an instant, but your eyes… your dreamy mesmerising eyes… they just drew me in.

It was as if you looked right through my soul, and squeezed my heart with your bare hands. Literally, you took my breath away. What was it with those eyes, until today I have yet uncovered the mystery.

When I had least expected it , you reached out for my hand and I felt a jolt shoot through my entire body.

What you had ever given me, despite the heartache and broken shards of beautiful dreams, I would never trade it in for anything in this world.

And if anyone ever asked me if I would do it all over again… I would – in a heartbeat – just to end up here with you again.


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