Silly me.

After almost three years, it suddenly hit me that regardless of how often she had said she wanted to meet up with us and do a double date, nothing ever happened because:

a) she actually hated me. My guts, what I robbed from her, etc.
b) she couldn’t bear the sight of us being together.
c) she couldn’t look at him and not feel her heart being tugged by something.
d) it would be awkward to be around two men who knows her naked form.
e) her new man could never match up wit her old man.
f) she just couldn’t bear the thought of seeing what she didn’t want to know.

So many bloody possible reasons why, but yet I had naively believed she didn’t fulfill her word simply because she was truly “too busy”.

Why the hell is it that I don’t feel awkward being around my ex and his current squeeze? I must be weird.


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