Double Video Day!

Some of you would have found out that Joshua has been helping with the laundry since a few months back. (I remember Kristy’s astonished look when she came up to visit while we were doing laundry. She couldn’t stop gushing over Joshua’s antics!)So here’s Joshua helping with a load of laundry:

Recently he has also learnt how to transport his potty-stool from one place to another to help him reach for stuff. 🙂


Here’s another video of him asking me to help him unwrap the packaging of his fish cubes (a new fave), and then throwing away the wrapper.


So clever hor?



3 thoughts on “Double Video Day!

  1. hey that’s what they are for la! instead of us always picking up after them. he even helps me throw away my spree rubbish… lol

    shell says: We have useful sons! Yippee!! 😆

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