I guess I’ll never understand how some minds work. They suddenly get mad at you and wipe you out of their virtual lives, without you ever finding out what you ever did to incur their displeasure.

I thought we had shared joys, laughter, secrets and a true friendship… But aye, that’s life, right?

People move on inadvertently, or sometimes upon realising one (or more) of your traits are not what they would like to be associated with.

I guess there were things about her that I never did like either. So since she’s found a need to move off, I should do so too.

But I cannot deny, the anger that is still boiling within me at this point, for being canned and not even knowing why. Because knowing her, she’d never tell. She’s just that sort of person who would walk away – and sometimes turning around to spit at you – and then leave you standing in the background; puzzled and shocked.

Lesson learnt.


2 thoughts on “Friends?!

  1. my mother tells me the true gauge of a person’s character is to see how they treat their enemies and subordinates, instead of how they treat their friends and superiors.

    shell says: What does your mama say about avoidance?

  2. avoidance can either be good or bad. there’s no way of knowing unless you are that person who’s doing the avoiding.

    i guess, the best and most logical way forward, is to move on, like anyone else.

    and yes, so sorry, still busy. 😦

    shell says: I have come to accept the fact that you will always be busy. :mrgreen:

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